Out of clutter find simplicity;
From discord find harmony;
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

- Albert Einstein, a pretty smart guy


Every facet of our service serves a single purpose - your growth

Discover the proven systems that we use to help you reach your personal goals for your individual business. 

The Complete Package

You'll work with your personal Account Manager to identify your primary objective – what do YOU want to achieve – and develop the right combination of services to help you achieve your goals. 

Messenger Marketing

The cornerstone of the Media Mash Marketing System, Messenger Marketing is an umbrella term that brings together a myriad of lead generation efforts into a simple, scalable system.

Voice Drops Services

Our proprietary lead generation system that has revolutionized Ringless Voicemail Delivery. The software, developed from the ground up by our team of master developers, has fully automated personal marketing.

Email Marketing

Don't underestimate the power of a well crafted e-mail, it's a classic for a reason - it works! Media Mash has entire branch fully dedicated to e-mail marketing, generating $2MM per year in revenue in 2018.

Facebook Advertising

Leveraging the targeting power of the world's largest publicly available database of consumer information we built highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns across Facebook and Instagram to drive engagement, brand loyalty, and of course - sales.

What's it all mean?

You've heard all the buzz words, and we've told you what we do, now here's how we do it. 

Messenger Marketing

Lead Generation via Leveraging Facebook

Beyond Facebook ads and posts, get the most out of your investment with intelligent design. 

Voice Drops Services

Lead Generation via Ringless Voicemail Delivery

Easily reach thousands of customers with a personal message in minutes, speaking only to those who want to talk to you. 

Email Marketing

Drive more sales in less time

Email marketing delivers a $38 return-on-investment for every $1 spent.

Direct Marketing Association 2015.

Facebook Advertising

Reach your exact audience

Target by people by age, interests, behavior, and location and so much more. 

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Embrace the power of the messenger app. Avail yourself to your customers 24/7 with our AI Solution: The Messenger Bot. 

Open Rates


Active Daily Users




Fully Custom Business Bot

Connect with your customers with a meaningful conversation

Personalized with the magic of Facebook, engage with your customers, and potential customers, on their terms. 

Fully compliant with all federal and international privacy laws.

Personalize every message with personal information your customer has already authorized you to access via Facebook permissions.

Extract more data with simple clicks to grow your email and phone marketing list. 

Forget Opt Ins and Double Email Confirmation hoops – you're done jumping through them! 

Engagement = Optin. One click and you are connected with your audience with nothing standing between you. 

Conversations that Convert

Subscribed Audience Growth

People are lazy. Don't make them fill out a form.

Industry term relating to the loss of revenue based on actions that are not completed by the consumer.
Like a Bounce Rate on a website thousands of potential marketable customers are lost daily when they see an opt in form and say “Meh” and close the window. 
With Messenger Bots a fully authorized Opt-In is literally one click away. 

Lead Gen + Sales

The shortest distance between you and a sale is ONE CLICK

Messenger Bots are the no-brainer solution for originating sales as well as recapturing a consumer after cart abandonment. 

With native Push notification and the established habit of all smart phone owners to check their messages, you can present a one-click option to make a purchase or offer an incentive to complete an “in progress” transaction. 

Once the customer buys – now they're ready for a personal “Thank you”, follow up check in, or product recommendation.