“Earn  $250 Per Sale With This Multichannel Automated Marketing Software Like Nothing Else Available.”

Consistency is the number one problem facing businesses when trying to acquire new clients.  Instant Reply FINALLY SOLVES that problem.

*Automated  *Systemized  *Templeted * Full Pipeline Mktg

The Product 

  • – Unlimited Smart Email
  • – FREE “From Email” Domain – No more G-mail!
  • – Ringless Voice Drops
  • – Instant Text Replies to inbound calls
  • – Call Tracking
  • – One Touch multi-channel campaigns
  • – HUGE Library of Email and Phone Script Campaigns
  • – Continuous “drip” campaigns
  • – Invoicing and Client Account Management
  • – Purchase Page Billing & Cart System

*One Click Multi Channel Drip Campaigns – merge your company info into a pre-written campaign.

*Billing/Payment Cart and Invoicing System allows you to collect payments instantly.

*Including live training:

Week 1

FAST START: Setting up your Instant Reply System

Week 2

The Power of Multi-Channel Marketing

Week 3

Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Email Funnels

Week 4

Advanced Sales Page Package Strategies

Week 5

Expert Sales Masterclass – Letting the customer sell themselves

Week 6

Scaling for Success: Real Growth = Rea


The Offer



Affiliate Information 


IR is sold on a $1 trial basis.  Affiliates are paid 125% or $250 for each trial that converts to a sale.  Currently trials are converting at 51% and 32% on call for internal and affiliates respectively.    80% is paid after the trial period and the remainder is paid in 30 days net of refunds.

For all affiliates who get 100 trials (not sales) 10% recurring payments will be made in addition to upfront commissions.

Webinar Stats

Internal:  16% Close of 292 Attendees at Link Drop on Live Call

    • 139 Sales | $82,695 Gross before 3pay cycles.
    • 37% – $997 | 63% – 3 x $397 | 1 – $497 | Avg Order Value – $471
    • 80% and 45% made the first and second payment respectively adding $59,371 to gross.
    • $283 Gross per Attendee at the Close | $486 Gross per Attendee after 3 pay cycles.
    • <2% Refund Rate

Affiliates: 10-13% Close Of Attendees at Link Drop on Live Call 

    • $87 Net per Attendee at the Close  | o % Refund Rate as of 12/19/2019
    • *  This number will increase DRAMATICALLY when we account for payments made on the 3 pay option.  So far payment rates on the internal promo are 80% making the first payment and 45% making the third. 

88% Are taking the highest tier 50 state license.

Promotional Materials  

Webinar Replay

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