“Earn  $348 Per Sale With This A Multichannel Marketing approach for Business Opportunity Seekers, MMO, and Local Marketers.

This will grow their audience, build their list, and promote their products and services across the three most effective platforms in existence.

The Product

Using methods 100% compliant with both US Law and Facebook policy, Messenger Empire allows entrepreneurs from all walks to

  • Engage new contacts
  • Cultivate a marketable list
  • Grow a Facebook Messenger Bot Audience
  • Generate email opt ins
  • Build a phone database for compliant SMS marketing
  • User multichannel outbound marketing to direct message, email, and SMS text their contact list


These tools can be used to

  • Build brand loyalty
  • Increase an Influencer’s perceived personal engagement
  • Drive traffic to an offer/affiliate link
  • Sell product directly
  • Send audience to a Video
  • Drive sign ups to a webinar
  • Invite contacts to an event
  • Deliver coupons or promo codes to increase sales
  • Announce Special events or promotions
  • Generate Google/Facebook/Yelp Reviews
  • Increase customer interaction; surveys, questionnaires, etc.
  • Segment customer list based on personal information and preference for more effective marketing
  • Hyper target audience based on the multitude of factors available in Facebook


The tools of the Trade Included with Messenger Empire

  • 15 Marketing Bots to Use and/or sell
  • All bots come complete with customizable message sequences:
    • Welcome/Introduction message
    • About us flow
    • Location information flow
    • “Offer” flow template – specific to the brand/niche/subject of the bot
    • Email capture flow
    • SMS/Phone number capture flow
    • Integration to export email and phone upon capture for external use
  • 160 Outbound marketing campaigns spanning 35 different niches
  • Bonus “General” outbound marketing pack to augment every niche
  • 15 Growth Tool sequences to drive traffic and engagement to your Messenger bot. Use the link in
    • Email marketing
    • Print Marketing
    • Landing page, PPC
    • FB Ads
    • Google Ads
    • Social Media posts
  • 15 Email templates for use with the Growth Tool link to grow your bot audience list
  • Video Tutorial training on
    • Installation
    • Customization
    • Implementation
  • Live Strategy Session training with Brian Anderson
    • Messenger Empire System Overview
    • Audience Growth via Growth Tool Strategy
    • Pricing and Packaging to Make A Deal
    • Leveraging your existing audience (LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Email, Customer list, etc.)
    • Best Practices Overview and Open Q&A Session
  • Bots Included with the Product
    • Business Opportunity Seeker/Direct Sales/MLM bot
    • Local/Digital Marketing Agency Bot
    • MMO/Affiliate Sales Bot
    • Automotive Dealership
    • Chiropractor
    • CPAs
    • Gym and Fitness Center
    • HVAC
    • Painter
    • Plumber
    • Political Candidate
    • Residential Real Estate
    • Restaurant
    • Roofer
    • Salon

The Offer

The Payout

75% Of all sales paid within 2 days of the close of the promotion. 

Balance, less any refund, paid after 31 days 

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