Affiliates Earn up to $349 per sale with this DFY e-mail “traffic on demand” platform brand new to the space.

The Product 

What just about every marketer needs is MORE TRAFFIC – whether it is for their own offers, affiliate offers, or for agencies who drive traffic for their clients.

The problem is most sources of traffic like SEO, FB ads, YouTube videos etc., take time, can be costly or are unpredictable.

Email Cash Blueprint – the solution to those problems – is a totally unique new DFY B2C/B2B email offer that can be tailored to drive traffic to any offer.

Once a member has chosen their demographics and has their creatives ready (we can help with that too) they simply request their email blast and traffic will be on it's way.

There is NO TECH SKILLS REQUIRED as the system does everything for you.

The Email Cash Blueprint System Enables Customers to:

Access a database of 145 million consumers with over 700 selects for ultimate targeting.  Members can also access 45 million business emails with 200 selects.


Earn high ticket recurring commissions when utilizing the agency license

Access HUNDREDS of case studies they can share with prospects as proof of their ability to deliver results

Increase their results with training on Facebook and Google retargeting.

Students are getting results out of the gate….



The Offer 

The webinar is tailored to your specific list's niche – digital agencies,  affiliate marketers, MMO,  ecommerce virtually any niche that needs traffic.  We can hop on a call to discuss the best angles for you list.

Your list will have the option to buy a personal license for their own offers, a 1,5, or 50 state agency license ranging in price from $497 to $697.  The 50 state license is positioned to be an obvious value and to date most buyers have taken that option.  88% of affiliates traffic is taking the 50 state Agency option. 

Agency License

When they purchase one of the agency license options they have full rights to resell the traffic drops to as many clients as they choose.

In addition, we will help them find prospects and CLOSE THEIR FIRST THREE CLIENTS – making this a true “Biz In A Box” solution.

Affiliate Information 


50% Commission on $497 – $697 product with 1 pay and 3 pay options.

80% Paid after close, remaining 20% net of refunds paid at 30 Days,  Recurring commissions paid on the 15th and 30th of each month.

Thrivecart Affiliate Platform

Webinar Stats

Internal:  16% Close of 292 Attendees at Link Drop on Live Call

    • 139 Sales | $82,695 Gross before 3pay cycles.
    • 37% – $997 | 63% – 3 x $397 | 1 – $497 | Avg Order Value – $471
    • 80% and 45% made the first and second payment respectively adding $59,371 to gross.
    • $283 Gross per Attendee at the Close | $486 Gross per Attendee after 3 pay cycles.
    • <2% Refund Rate

Affiliates: 10-13% Close Of Attendees at Link Drop on Live Call

    • $87 Net per Attendee at the Close  | o % Refund Rate as of 12/19/2019
    • *  This number will increase DRAMATICALLY when we account for payments made on the 3 pay option.  So far payment rates on the internal promo are 80% making the first payment and 45% making the third.

88% Are taking the highest tier 50 state license.

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