Gorilla or Gazelle? How Social is Your Company?

“Western Lowland Gorilla Portrait” by Hal Brindley

Not a pretty picture?

We've all been inundated with advice on ‘social media how tos'; get Facebook likes, tweet more; Plus One the things that are important to us … Is that what the social in social media is all about??

Of course not.

I'm reading Nilofer Merchant's  book 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era and her imagery is spot on.

She compares traditional company self evaluation as the 800 pound gorilla attitude, and tells us we should instead embody 800 gazelles.

You see the difference already, don't you?

Social is a Community Attitude

It is recognizing the power of the consumer, and respecting them.

It is about truthfulness in the marketplace, transparency, responsiveness, and perhaps most of all, making a positive difference in the things you do.

If you're trying to leave that gorilla mentality behind, I highly recommend her book (and most everything else about her, she's delightful!) 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era

The kindle edition is a quick read – and at $3.03 much more valuable than your afternoon latte!

Gorilla mentality or Gazelle? What is your social power animal?