Google announced last week that they've rolled out ‘Communities'.

Think Group Google+

Whether it’s for your family, your book club or people around the world who share your interests, communities give each of your different groups a home base.” Google+ Communities Page

In the same way you'd work a list in Twitter, a group in Facebook, or groups in LinkedIn, your Google+ community can help your marketing efforts, increase your Plus1 scores, or just be a fun place to visit and enjoy other people who like the same things you do.

Try it, EZ Set Up and You're Rolling

Just to check it out, I started a community – a fun one, I haven't determined where I'll go with a business community yet.

On  your Google+ page, choose Communities in the left vertical  menu, then when you are on the Communities page, the red Create a Community button.

Create your own Community

You have the option of Public, open to the world, or Private,  members by invitation only.  Then you Name your community,

  • Write a tagline
  • Pick a photo
  • Complete your About section
  • Add a few discussion categories

Invite people from your circles, your email, all your contact choices, and let the community begin!

Invite People to Your Community

When I got through with this (which took all of five minutes, and that was thinking up a subject and finding a photo) I had an invite to a Community called Circle Me Up! which already had about 400 active (and busy) members.  Of course I joined.

It will be interesting to see if this is the tool that pushes Google+ out of the ‘ghost town' impression and fully into action along with Facebook and Twitter.

Whether you start a community or join one, never forget the impact your Google+ efforts have on your search and social media efforts.  Google+ should be your new best friend.