You know every time you want to buy something You Look at Reviews.

So.  Are you asking for reviews for your business?

You also know that reviews drive search traffic and encourage sales. Now that Facebook is creating a more robust review platform, there are more ways customers can leave reviews.  Which means you have more ways to get the good news out to the rest of the Facebook audience!

Don't think in linear terms when you think of a review.  Posts and pages that get positive attention are a comment on your business.  Any of these things can be thought of as positive or negative reviews:

  • when customers check-in to your establishment,
  • when customers comment, like or share your posts,
  • when anyone shares their experience with your business,
  • when a customer mentions you in a video

You see where this is going, don't you?

This has always been the case.  You've seen those nightmare posts about restaurants that treat customers badly, or videos of truly insolent service.  And those very bad day posts go viral much more quickly than a good day post.

But you can boost the good stuff so that it is seen by more people and they get the message that you want them to get – that your business is terrific and you want them to try you out! And, since Facebook automatically shows prospects which of their friends are fans of yours, or have otherwise interacted with you, that is more positive feedback to encourage your prospects to jump on your bandwagon.

Facebook wants you to “boost” your posts – because boost is the new geek speak for advertising. Boost your positive reviews, boost a media mention (the positive ones), boost customer comments. These are your storehouse of goodwill. Show them off to your prospects every chance you get.

Takeaway When a likely prospect comes in contact with your brand, you should be in charge of what they see.