Content fuels community engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In order for businesses to increase brand awareness, it's a must to sustain these communities with shareable content. When you mention shareable content, these are the types that don't do hardsell promotions at all! Making content “shareable” is how you'll convey your brand message accross without sounding like a salesman. You need to feed your followers and potential customers content that they'll be able to share on their networks. And when they do, it increases your business' visibility on the social web.

Here are the types of content that people like sharing on their networks:

1. Lists

I can hear some of you yawning. The reality is, in a time-poor world, giving people a list of things to do—for example, 10 tips for creating a great video—is the type of headline and article people click on. Packaging and chunking information tells your readers you won't waste their time. Lists are also easy to read and view. This type of content works well.

Example: “10 Powerful Tips to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook”

2. Infographics

The last two years have seen the rise of infographics—complex data and information presented as a combination of text and images. Infographics have a propensity to get shared on Pinterest and Twitter.

Example: “23 Hints for Creating Content Google Loves—Infographic”

3. Curated content

Take a topic and find some of the best articles on it when you do a Google search. Package it up and serve it to your readers. By putting all that information in one place, you'll save them time and effort.

4. How-to articles

The appetite people have for simple, step-by-step instructions never ceases to surprise me. Provide a how-to framework that's easy to read, understand and implement.

Example: “How to Verify Your Pinterest Account and Why You Should”

5. SlideShare presentations

SlideShare is like YouTube for PowerPoint presentations, and is often underestimated as a way to make your content accessible and attractive. SlideShare is a visual platform that displays ideas and concepts quickly and easily. You can put your articles, research papers and blog posts into a PowerPoint and upload it to SlideShare.

Example: “How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing”